Please take a look through our available inventory or contact us for any special requests. We have numerous relationships with buyers and sellers to help you find what you are looking for.

Track your vehicles from the day the vehicle is delivered to ASC until released. You will be able to see photos of your vehicle's, title status update, release date and speedo conversion updates.

About Us

Automotive Services Company (ASC) is a leader in automobile imports, offering a wide array of services to expedite the import process. Focusing on Canada–USA and USA–Canada border crossings, ASC has experience handling many types of vehicles and will make certain that everything in the import process flows as smoothly as possible.

ASC was founded in Spokane, Washington in 2002. With extensive knowledge in the automotive industry, Automotive Services Company is well-equipped to handle any vehicular import process. We focus on customer service with an emphasis in providing the best value to our customers, while offering genuine, excellent service. We achieve this by:

  • Understanding the needs of our customers
  • Listening to the goals and objectives of each client
  • Providing the highest quality service in our industry